What we believe + What we're doing about it

Today, New Frontier Ranch operates as a pristine eco-space, with native wildlife, farm animals, and guests given the opportunity and responsibility to sustain the ranch as living, dynamic home to people and animals alike.  Looking forward, our goal is to preserve the extraordinary tranquility and livability of the ranch while continuing to develop new means for guests to experience and appreciate our special place in the mountains.



In the 1850s, settlers crossed through the property now known as New Frontier Ranch via wagon train on the Applegate Trail, a Southern alternative to Lewis and Clark's route to the "Oregon Territory".  Half a century later in 1902,  the main ranch house (white 2 story house near the ranch office), was constructed; remodeled in the 1980's, it remain in use today.  Formerly known as "Green Springs Box R Ranch", the property has operated as a guest ranch and event venue for the past 46 years, gradually expanding lodging, event, and farm buildings and infrastructure.  Originally settled for it's abundant spring water, the ranch has grown over the years to become a premiere destination for guests seeking the calm and majesty of a tranquil mountain retreat.